New section "Puppies"! in Russian language... but with photos ))
New victories

Daughters continue to storm the ring in different cities))

Samara Summer Cup championship mono "ACCA - 2011"
Peppikorn - Best Junior, Junior Club Winner! rBIS Junior!
and her sister Pennsylvania - ex 2, JCC

championship in Moscow mono "Globe"
Skoda - CW, CAC
closed Champion of Club!

Vita & Klin

My daughter went to the town of Klin, and there was the best dachshund! under judge Galiaskarova
And we do not doubt ))))

Vitalina - excellent, CAC, BOS, BOB, BIG 1!!
Champion of RFSS!

National Exhibition of Dachshunds 2011

Honor of our family of Bibigon defended two daughters:

Skoda (Alice) - excellent, CAC, BOS 2!
on CAC - excellent, CAC, 2 x Champion of RKF!
Lena, you big attagirl!
you just exposed to 100%!

Valencia (Marta) - ex 4 JCC (out of 10 dogs)
Enjoy life, sunshine, no more shows!

Everest conquerors

Children exhibited instead of daddy almost whole family ))

Vicomte Arthur - JCAC, Best Junior!
become Russian Junior Champion!

Pearl Gray - very good. Don't worry, son!
you're still for me the best and most beautiful! ) *

Vicomte Arthur - JCChC, JClub Winner, Best Junior
become adult Club Champion!

Shustry Ryzik - CChC, BOS 2
become adult Club Champion!

Vitalina - CChC, BOS 2, good girl, keep it up!

Valencia - JCChC, JClub Winner, Best Junior, BOB, BISS Junior 3, BISS 4!
congratulations my darling!!!

Our faraway daughers
07- 08.05.2011

in this week very endeavour! ))

Princess Royal (Shelty), KS - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB! JUNIOR MEDITERRANIAN WINNER !!! (CACIB, Israel)

Sher (Chanel), MS - CAC, BOS2, LATVIAN CHAMPION !!! (CAC, Latvia) and second day - CAC, BOS!!!

Tula wins and brothers-gingerbread

My sons-brothers have met on the Elbe, and a powerful commando were on exhibitions ))
under judges Kukoleva and Krakovskaya

Vencan Cortes - 2xCAC, 2xBOS, 2xBOB, BIG 1! BIS 4!
become Russian Champion!!

Vlastelin Zvezdy - 2xJCAC, 2xBOSj, 2xBest Junior!
become Junior Russian Champion!!

Children of all countries, unite!

Kids at the show in his hometown "Cup of Tver 2011":
Vencan Cortes- CAC, BOS, ChF, BOB, BIG 1! BIS 5!

Vitalina - CAC, BOS, ChF, BOB, BIG 3!

and the Finnish daughter Sher (Chanel) in Vilnius (Lithuania):
19.03 - CAC, res CACIB
20.03 - CAC, and got her first CACIB!!!

Merle win!! ))

My middle son Vencan Cortes was on exhibitions in Tula:
speciality "Spring meetings" - jCChClub, Best Junior, BOB! become Junior Club Champion!
nationaly "Tula ovation" - CW, CAC
nationaly "Spring meetings" - САС, BOS, Ch Federation, BOB, BIG, reserve BIS! Congratulations!!!

New on site

Began to work the new section "Puppies"!

All the information and pictures of past litters and are also available with the new offers.
Select and reserve a puppy. The parts are updated frequently.

Champion of Belarus!

in Minsk at the double CACIB my love Finnish daughter Sher (Chanel) on both days of exhibitions: 2 x CAC, 2 x res CACIB

become Champion of Belarus!
Onnittelen teita, tytto!!!

On the first day of spring! Dachshund puppies miniature smooth haired, kaninchen smooth

Born next Bibigonovichi ))) double litter
my lovely wife Uta gave birth to now have 7 puppies!

2 black merle female
2 black/tan male
and 3 black/tan female

puppies can be reserved, pictures kids here ...

Welt Union Teckel and Bibigon

Finally we got in our hands our diploma and I have become a legitimate Champion WUT!

Congratulations me! And now I'm going on vacation. I'll eat, drink, walk, play and sometimes invite guests pretty girls))) Hurrah !!!!!!

about Smart

Son Shurik also closed the adult Russian Champion and defending champion RKF! for three shows a week ... Veryr economical son ))

under judgeTatiana Shiyan:
Shustry Ryzik - CW, CAC, BOS, ChF
under judge Victor Shiyan:
Shustry Ryzik - CW, CAC, BOS, BOB, ChF

Generation Next 2011

Red daughter Alice closed her adult Russian Champion! Hurrah! got her last CAC under judge Dmitry Prozorov:

Skoda (Alice) - CW, CAC

and the next day at the Special Show, judge Popov (Bulgaria):

Skoda (Alice) - CW, CAC, BOS, Club Winner!

My sons also went out into the world ...

National Show, judge Yochai Barak (Israel):

Pearl Gray - BOB puppy
Vicomte Arthur (Archik) - ex, resJCAC
Shustry Ryzik - CW, CAC, BOS, ChF

Specialty Show under judge Popov (Bulgaria):

Vicomte Arthur (Archik) - CW, JCAC, BOS, Club Winner!
Shustry Ryzik - CW, CChClub

We can only dream about rest

Began to show my children a year. And very well!
under judge E. Skorobogatova

Skoda (Alice) - CW, CAC, ChB, BOS, BOB, BIG-1!

NEW .. 2011 ... 01.01.2011


Congratulations to all a Merry Christmas!

We wish you patience, health, and in any case do not give up!

We are with you! Me and mom Ksu...

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