This is Interchampion ))))
26th November

Hurrrah! We have received diplomas International Champion! and now Golden Dakshaund Bibigon:

Inter CIE... and Inter CIB..

First adult champion!
14th November

Our little girl Rayskaya Ptichka (Busya) today completed t adult Russian Champion! First of all kids! Congratulations, daugther!!
"Cup XX - 2010 "judge D. Prozorov - CAC, BOS
Vicomte Arthur - JCAC, BOSj

and more pleased with children in Tver )))
Vitalina completed Russian Junior Champion!
under judge Belkin - J, BOSj, Best Junior
under judge Horbachevsky - J, BOSj

and her brother, Vencan Cortes
under judge Horbachevsky
- JCAC, BOB! BIG - 1! BISj - 3! BIS - 5!

and our son in Tula Liokka today received its first candidate!
Vlastelin Zvezdy, judge Burykin
, BOSj

Mono championship
6th November

Show Club "Allele", judge Krakowskaya:
Vencan Cortes - Junior Club Winner, Best Junior, BOB!
Vicomte Arthur - Junior Club Winner, Best Male Junior!
Valencia - excellent 2, JCC
Skoda (Alice) - excellent 2, JCC
and our little debutant
Pearl Gray - Best Baby male!
Thanks to our owners, thanks to which we have at each exhibition comes parade children Bibigonovichy! )))

First steps
4th November

Today my son Arch got his first junior title under judge Victor and Tatiana Shiyan
Vicomte Arthur - 2x jCAC, 2x Best Junior

A beloved daughter Busya first adult titles.
Rayskaya Ptichka - 2x CAC

24th October

Ukrainian daughter Rosalia (Tyapa) in Kherson, judge Svetlana Radyuk in competition

- , , BIG 3!

CACIB Dog Show "RUSSIA -2010"
16h October

Passed the main exhibition of the country )))))) In which our children have taken part. Congratulations to our daughter Marta with great success! The first time came in the junior class, at 10,5 months:

under judge Maria Talvittie (Finland)

Vitalina - excellent!
Vencan Cortes - very good
under the strict judging Dimitris Antonopoulos (Greece)

Children's Victory and news
26th September

and once again pleased with our merle children!
at an exhibition in Tver, judge Oganov

Vitalina - JCAC, BOS
Vencan Cortes - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG 1! res BIS!!!

and our Ukrainian daughter Rosalia (Tyapa)
Mr. Berdichev under judge Stefan Popov (Bulgaria)
- CAC, BOB, BIG 4!

Nikolaev, judge Monika Blaha (Austria)
- CAC, BOB, BIG 1!

Shurik Bibigonovich
18-19th September

We went with son in Zaporozie the first in his life inter shows:

18-th September, judge Petr Rehanek (Czech)
Shustry Ryzik - JCAC, Best Junior
19-th September, judge Oleg Yanchev (Russia)
Shustry Ryzik - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG 4!
Shura become Junior Champion of Ukraine!

The first adult steps ...
18th September

The exhibition in Klin, under judge Jana Gavrilova our kids got their first young CAC!

Vitalina - J, BOS
Vencan Cortes- J, Best Junior, , BIG 1!!!

Congratulations to another champion!
4th September

Another one of our daughter Skoda (Alice) was
Junior Champion of Russia!
under judge Druzhinina SV

- JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG 2, BIS junior 3!

31th August

Happy birthday!!! my sweet heart
three years - a great age )))

I wish you health, long life, beautiful children, more wives, wins and a cheerful mood!
my Bibigon.... my loved son...

Your mom.
P.S. I love you ...

22th August

Ukrainian daugher Rosalia (Tyapa) continues to win!
A, Kherson
judge Anna Kondrashkina (Ukraine)
- , , res BIG!!!

More anniversary!
18th August
Congratulation our second litter with first anniversary!!! )))))
Today them one year old !!!

Shurik! Alice! Chanel! Bobbi Fisher! Lusha!

wish you to grow smart and healthy and happy us wins!

Tver Troopers
15th August

15th August in Tver ours merle children were on 3 exhibitions:

Vencan Cortes - b/persp, BOS, BOB, resBISS Puppy!!!
Vitalina - b/persp, BOS Puppy
judge Grishina
Vencan Cortes - b/persp, BOS, BOB, BIS Puppy 3!
judge Kryukova
Vencan Cortes- b/persp, BOS, BOB, BIS Puppy 4!
judge Krimskaya

Another champion's title of children ))))
1th August

my lovely daughter Busya become
Russian Junior Champion !!!
love, pride, kiss a million times .....

Exhibition "Leader Prestige":
judge S. Vanzha
Rayskaya Ptichka (Busya) - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!!!

and her sister, judge A. Nikitin
Skoda (Alice) - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!!!

the same day, in Ukraine city Krivoy Rog, our second daughter, judge D.Druts (Russia)
Rosalia - CAC, BOB, BIG 1!!

24-25th July

On the same day at the National exhibition "Rainbow meetings" in city Ivanovo show off his red sister
Skoda (Alice), judge Verbitsky

- Ex.1, JCAC, Best Junior

and we are following day in Helsinki, at the Summer Show
judge Jari Rosario Spagna (Italy)
finnish daughter Sher (Chanel)

- Ex. 2, Best Female 3 (4 males and 5 females)

Junior Champion
24th July

Today on exhibition our Shustry Ryzik under judge Iraida Pirogova becam Russian Junior Champion !!!
And again win Best Group.

- J, Best Junior, BOB, BIG !!!

Children landing ))
17th July

This weekend, after a short break, came down with the children on the exhibitions )))
Judge Shiyan Victor, Tatiana and Marina Ostrovskaya

Shustry Ryzik participated in all three exhibitions:
3J, 2Best Junior, 2-xBOB, BIS junior!!! 2BIG!!!

and two of our daughters, too endeavour )))

Skoda take her first J, BOS!

Rayskaya Ptichka receive 2xJ, BOS, Best Junior!

congratulation children!

Estonia, Luige
Sher (Chanel)- ex.1, J, Best Junior, BOB
Became Estonian Junior Champion!!!

Ukraine, Poltava
(Tyapa) - ex.1, J
Became Ukraine Junior Champion!!!

Russia, Tula
Vlastelin Zvezdy (Liokka) - ex.1, b/p, BOS Puppy!

New Junior Lithuanian Champion
19th June

Our Finnish daughter Sher (Chanel) at 10 months became the Junior Champion of Lithuania!
Today, the international exhibition in the city Moletai - JCAC, Best Junior, BOB!!!
Congratulate daughter and her owners Janette & Sari!

International Dachshund
15th June

This weekend in the city of Sibiu in Romania, I was INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Hurrrraaa!!
and more Champion WUT!
and Grand Champion of Romania!
- 2xCACIB, 2xBOB, res BOG!

Mom, are you happy now?
I really really tried, drove several thousand miles, he made friends with new friends, ran around the grass around the ring under the scorching sun. But we did it! Thank you for all of our company - Cart and his owner Vic, Ra and the beautiful owner Kris and our friend Really ))

New Children!
11th June

Again I had children! Puppy dachshund miniature, kaninchen smooth-haired! One merle boy, one merle girl and 3 black / tan girl. You can back up, delivery in different cities and countries.

Photo clickable. We are waiting for them to open eyes and imagine a new generation in all its glory))

Children and Exhibitions
5-13th June

13.06.10 Ukraine, Aleksandrov
Rosalia (Tyapa)- ex.1, J, BOB, Best in Group!

13.06.10 Moscow, mono, Krukova
Vicomte Arthur- ex.1, BOB Baby, BISS Puppy 1!

13.06.10 Tver', Lakatosh
Vencan Cortes
- ex.1, BOB Baby, BIS Puppy 1!

12.06.10 Klin, Galiaskarova
Vitalina - ex.1, BOB Puppy!

Sher (Chanel) exhibited in Lithuania:
6.06.10 Kaunas, Elena Tripoli (Italy)
JCAC, Best Junior, BOB, BIG 5!
5.06.10 Kaunas, Inese Pablaka (Latvia)
JCAC, Best Junior!

Shoot moving with Bibigon...
30th May

Mammy made me coil of film on the series "Signs of Destiny", in which I was shot! Well .. I've been running, barking, looking for bones and chewed them ... but it turned out that left a second. But still I see and especially hear ))))) camera, action! Link to video

Our distant children ))
23th May

Finland, just came out in the Junior class our daughter
CACIB, judge Gajic Zeljko (Slovenia)
Sher (Chanel) - ex.1, Best Female 2, reserve
Congratulations daughter with Junior class and win! Good Luck!!!

Kherson, Ukraine, our daughter, in Junior class too
CAC UA "Cup of Tavria", judge Khizhnyak V. (Ukraine)
Rosalia (Tyapa) - ex.1, J, BOB, BOG 4!
Keep it up, our kaninchen girl! )))

National Exhibition of Dachshunds 2010
22th May 2010

Shustry Ryzik - ex.1, Junior Club Champion, Best Junior! BOB! BISS Junior 7th place and Res BISS !!! (among smooth-haired dachshunds) He just came out in the junior class, and this was his first exhibition in Junior!

Valencia - ex.1, Best Baby, Res. BISS Baby !!! Good completion of the class baby, congratulations to our beautiful rabbit!

Vicomte Arthur - very promising, 3rd place in the Baby class (among 5 babies). The child did his best to win! Excellent running, good standing on the floor, I think a little experience, grow up and we expect good results!

All photos are clickable

15-16th May

Weekend was great! At Specialty Championship "Everest 2010", judge Shamil' Abrakimov (Moscow) take part my Bibigon and his children. All photos are clickable

Vicomte Arthur - ex.1, BOB Baby, BISS Baby 1!!!
Valencia - ex.1, BOB Baby, res BISS Baby !!!
Shustry Ryzik - ex.1, BOB Puppy, res BISS Puppy !!!
Skoda - ex.1, BOS Puppy !
Bibigon - ex.1, CCh Club

On the same day our daughter played in Finland in the exhibition PEN (Tampere), judge Reino Korpela.

Sher (Chanel) - ex.1, BOB-puppy, BIS Puppy 3!!!

and the next day our merle son was involved in the regional exhibition in Tver, judge Nina Kharatishvili

Vencan Cortes - ex.1, BOB Baby! Competition "Child and Dog" 4 place!

Anniversary !!!
27th April

Congratulations on the first anniversary of our older kids!! Today they filled years!

want to grow smart and good fees, and most importantly, do not get sick! and vrednichat too much )) love

Rayskaya Ptichka
25th April

Today went to Sergiev Posad and brought out our first Child Candidate Young Champions of Russia in the regional exhibition, judge Galina Zakharova

Rayskaya Ptichka - ex.1, Best Junior, JCAC!

Vensan Cortes
18th April

On the same day, only in Tver of their marble brother take part at the exhibition, judge Gorbachevsky

Vensan Cortes, mini, 4,5 months
- Big perspective, ex.1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 1!
Among the eleven different breeds Baby

Arch and Marta
18th April

and so started my younger children!
Today was the first time at the exhibition our Miniature Hippo ))) under judge Krukova (Russia)

Vicomte Arthur (Arch), 4,5 month
- Big perspective, ex.1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 3!!!

Valencia (Marta), 4,5 month
- Big perspective, ex.1, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 1!!!

Congratulations children with debut! and I want to say:
Lena, Yana, Sergei, Masha, Vera, Janette and Sari, Larisa, Natalia, Marina, Alla, Anastasia, Alexei ...

You are magic owners of kids! YOU ARE THE BEST!

10th April

Tula, on exhibition under judge Senshenko (Russia)
Vlastelin Zvezdy (Liokka), 4 mounth
- ex.1, big perspective, BOB Baby, BIS Baby 2!!!

4th April

In the city Kingisepp on exhibition under judge Sedykh N.E (Russia)

Sher - ex.1, big perspective, Puppy!

our Finnish daughter Sher wishes all a
Happy Easter!!!

photo clickable

3th April

Today we have opened a new "hunting season-2010" )) and gone to Everest. Now in the company of my kids - the eldest merle daughter Boosya and red Alice and Shurik. Kids made me cheer immensely! Keep up with daddy. First, try running the rabbit form, and then met with nice rabbit. And then us waiting surprise - raccoon )) And here we are unburdened! wait racoon

Puppy and Junior
28th March

today were far my daughter ))
one in Ukraine, the second in Finland

Rosaliya - excellent, 2 place
Arsania-Spring 2010 CAC-UA
Judge Gergel Yu (Dnepropetrovsk)
is her first exhibition, congratulations on your debut!

Sher - ex.1, BOS-puppy!
PEN at the exhibition in Helsinki, in competition
Judge Kristiina Niemela (Finland)

Film! Film! Film!
22th March

Come true, another is our dream ... to play in a movie. We've been waiting in the wings and now ... We are invited to filming! Hurray! Of course, I worried a little, yet it is not photo shooter, to which we are accustomed to. But my good boy surprised me! I've done everything as it should, where be sniffed at, where you have walked, stood, barking, searched, and raised his voice, worked on all hundred! more so for the first time and without preparation ))) Bibigon Chupa Chupsovich, I'm proud of you!
Thanks Eduard for the invitation, we are happy!

This is LOVE...
24th March

I can't admire photo of our daughter Busya (Taksagalaktik Rayskaya Ptichka) with mono fest on 7-th March. photo clickable

It is so tenderly and faithfully watched expert Petru Muntean, that when he became a little closer, broke down and kissed him on the nose)))
Daughter, stay the same forever! Tender, funny and wildly positive))) We love you very much!

thanks for the photo Elena Vasilieva! you are super!

The younger generation grows up and wins
21th March

Today started in the adult show the life of our youngest Bibigonovichi (4 months) ... With results:

in Tver were our merle children
under judge Krakovskaya:
Vitalina - b/persp, BOS!
Vencan Cortes - b/persp, BOB,
BIS Baby 3!

And also yesterday in Tula on the snow!! appeared their brother Liokka
at the club's exhibition "Avers", judge Orlova:
Vlastelin Zvezdy - b/persp, BOB!

well done! CONGRATULATIONS with debut!

About Finnish girl, Chanel...
13-14th March

And at this time in the distant Lithuania in the first time in her life appeared our Finnish daughter. At two international exhibitions in Vilnius

13th March under judge Marina Kovalenko (Russia)
Sher - ex.1, big perspective, Puppy!

14-th March under judge Manuel Borges (Portugal)
Sher - ex.1, big perspective, Puppy!

7th March

Today children greeted me with 8 March ))

Mono, Petru Muntean (Romania):
Shkoda - ex.1, big pers., BOS Puppy
Rayskaya Ptichka - excellent , BOS 2

A, Rober copiyan (Russia):
Rayskaya Ptichka - excellent , BOS 2

Girls put up a good show! And theirs brother Bright Red (Shustry Ryzik) come train and he still has everything ahead!

28th February

Today was first exhibition of our son - Bright Red (Shustry Ryzik), on Mono, under judge Petroula Richard (Greece).

Big Perspective, ex.1, Best puppy! Great description! Good boy, I'm satisfied with it )))

Open a new season of shows
30th January 201

Was "Sabaneevka" -2010 and mono-Championship "Snow dachshund"... I got the CChC under judging Frank T. Sabella (USA). Descriptions we don't give and don't even know what he thinks of me, well, okay )))

Children also practice at exhibitions:
Rayskaya Ptichka - very / persp, BOS Puppy
Chess King - persp., 2
Shkoda - persp., 2
Shkoda - very / persp, Best Baby

Puppies mini dachshunds
11th January 2010
For sale beautiful black / tan male. Vaccinated, branded, accustomed to a diaper. Him now 1,5 month. Strong bones and a great character!
Site of the puppies ...

All puppies SOLD

Happy New Year!!!! 1th January 2010

What happened in the past year?
I became a father three times! Charming 17 kids! And some of them have already to go to exhibitions and become winner the Best of Mono! I am very proud of you and wish you further a deserved victory!

I myself am also not folded hands. Visited the famous "Eurasia" and took 2 place prize, but gained invaluable experience. Churchyard in St. Petersburg from his friends and they closed the Club Champion and Grand Champion of Russia. Traveled to Saratov and became the Champion of RFCC. And then in Samara got his first CACIB and became 2-x Champion of RKF!

And I lived all summer on the Black Sea, swam in salt water, sunbathing, and helped my mother with the housework. And at the same time became Grand Champion Ukraine! and received two CACIB )))) Then decided to go to the distant city of Minsk, and there was the Grand Champion of Belarus! I hope that my trip has just begun and I have everything ahead!

Arhiv for 2009 Arhiv for 2008


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