You give youth! 12th December

Today at my children the debut exhibition has taken place!
On December, 12th "Kinologija-Zima-09"

Mono - E.Kruus (Estonia):
Taksa-Klass Chess King - Very perspective, 2
Taksa-Klass Shkoda - Best Baby Mono!
Paradise Birdie Taksagalaktic - Best Puppy of Mono!

- T.Deresh-Tjagunova (Russia):
Taksa-Klass Chess King - Very perspective, 2
Taksa-Klass Shkoda - Very perspective, Best female Baby!

The house, the lovely house! 11th December

Our baby Taksa-Klass Sher at last has reached the native home and now lives in Finland in nursery "Hiekkalinnan Kennel - Sgoldies"! Where it has quickly made friends with Yoda Vom Golf and your magnificent mistresses - Janette & Sari!

At it fine character and extraordinary mind! Since a month itself costs in a stand, and now learns to go on lead and even has visited at the big exhibition Finish Winner))) And it was trained there. We wish its of the big good luck and many beautiful victories at exhibitions!

Puppies mini dachshunds 26th December

I again became the daddy having many children! In t nursery "From the Third Planet" was born SIX dachshunds. From them two beatiful marbls - male&femalel. And 3 black&tan the male and one black&tan female.

The marbles is reserved. Other puppies are on sale!
Natalya and lexey

Puppies mini dachshunds 15th November

All puppies of nursery "the Taksa Class" are sold. Children in good hands and loving houses. Hurrah!!!

Shkoda (Alice), the Chess King (Bobbi Fisher), the Bright Red live in Moscow at the new owners. Playful remains in a native home with mum)) and babe Sher leaves to Finland.

Good luck to you in new houses! Please the mums and daddies! Try to study always new and do not forget about exhibitions!;))

8th October 2009

Have filled up a coin box of titles of other countries. Yesterday in Minsk I became the Champion and the Grand the Champion of Belarus!

At a regional exhibition "Listopad-2009" under refereeing Massimo Inzoli (Italy) - CW, CAC

The mono Championship under refereeing Nemanja Jovanovic (Serbia) - CW, CAC

Generation NEXT 29th September 2009

Today visited children. They have strongly grown up, run, play, at them sharp teeth. Mum speaks, once and I was such... Well I do not trust! That such ridiculous and small... Yes for what!
Puppies search for the most good and responsible owners!

They even have a page.

Coursing! 27th September 2009

Ura!!!! We have made it! Have got on coursing!!!
Also have made our running first in a life)))

Here our Photos:
1 part and 2 part

"Russia-2009" 25th September 2009

Under very strict examination Jari Laakso (Finland)

I have received perfectly, CW and CAC

And has still met the friends, has got acquainted with the owner of grandfather Tamerlana and in general has cheerfully spent time. As well houses... In Moscow...

Our summer round across Ukraine is finished! 19th September 2009

With the big adventures we have reached Zaporozhye on exhibition FCI-CACIB "Zaporizka sich" specially under examination of Revaza Homasuridze. Very much we would like to look that he to us will tell))

Have as a result received - BOS, , CACIB!!!
The description and diplomas in Medal'ki...

The exhibitions "Crimea summer-2009" 29-30th August 2009

ono Championship (Tino Pehar):
CW, CAC, rez. BOS, Champion Ukraine!

The international exhibitions (Svetlana Raduk):
CW, CAC, BOS, BOB, 4 BIG, CACIB, Grand of Champion Ukraine!

our diploma...
We also have the children! 18th August 2009

5 puppies in "Taksa Klass".
birth 18 august 2009

2 merle (male / female)
2 red (male / female)
1 b/t female

Page of puppies...

Puppies rabbit dachshunds are on sale! 10th June 2009

Here our mosquitoes also have grown up, one and a half month. Have in actual fact appeared the absolute small! But on character already Dachshunds! )) so, remained on sale:

2 b/t males, 3 b/t females
Date of birth on April, 27th 2009
Page of puppies

National exhibition at Dachshunds
24th May 2009

Here also there has passed the most important exhibition of the country at Dachshunds... This time refereeing was very long and thorough! I again had an expert from Italy, only called its Claudio Montefusco, at first it was not pleasant to me, and then as has started talking to me in Russian, I have got accustomed, and like anything! Also has allowed to play in Samsona, breaking off a mouth to a lion. And has then run incalculable quantity of circles. Has as a result received an estimation perfectly, CW and CChC.

Yes, and still the fine description which as usually hangs in Medal'ki...

Champion Club
22th May 2009

Well that's all, I have received the certificate of the Champion of National Club "Dachshund"! Also became the full member of club.

Here the Diploma!

CACIB & Volga
18th May 2009

On May, 17th went on the International exhibition Volga-2009 in the city of Samara. And there under expert GUIDO UANDONI (Italy) has received W, BOS, , and still:
Has opened CACIB!
Also became 2 multiple Champion RKF!

hampion and queen 4th May 2009

I, Bibigon Chupa Chupsovich, have closed Champion Club
(4 CChC) and the Grand of the Champion of Russia Mum is happy! And there was all it in the nice city of Petersburg on May, 2nd at an exhibition the Cup of Baltic - Mono where I have received in open class CW, Best Male, CChC and the Winner Club. We very much were pleasant to expert Gunar Niman (Denmark)! And it to us too))))

Descriptions and the diploma as always in Medal'ki...

Puppies mini/rabbit dachshunds 27th April 2009

My first pyppies were born!!! I am a daddy having many children... I can not believe that their six! Two sonnies, and four daughter, all is b/t. And only one has gone to a father... The merle... Paradise Bird

More in detail...

  22th April 2009
Dreams come true!

Here we also start to come true with mum of dream... At last me have printed in magazine! In mum's article about rates. The magazine is on sale in booths of Moscow and

"The world of dogs" is called. And in article of a photo of my friends!

Look to the right, look on the left
Where you will find pair better,
Than the champion and the queen
Without the field-glass sees God,
the World lies at our feet
16th April 2009

Here such I became adults... Has grown, has got prettier. Has grown wiser... And at last today has received the diploma of adult ChR on hands. Here it, our diploma:

the Diploma of the Adult Champion of Russia

and in the rest, I as always Angel.... Simply Angel...

We are the Champions...
16th March 2009
At last have received our diplomas! And now well absolutely adult! Though... No, it is necessary to receive still the diploma of the adult champion in 2 weeks... And still to have time to close faster Club and the Grandee. Wish our of good luck!

The diploma of the Young Champion of Russia
The diploma of Champion RKF
The international working certificate
About a holiday on March, 8th...
7th March 2009
Went on F (to me have in secret told that is the Moscow Monopedigree Festival) and I have presented to mum CW and CChC. She was upset a little, as wanted for a personal computer holiday, but "could not"... I Will try still. And the expert so smiled to me and showed a figure from fingers! It was similar on "Very nice"!!!! And there was a fig...
Eurasia 1 Eurasia 2
2th March 2009

At last all it has ended )) At once I will tell - it was heavy. So much people and dogs at once I yet did not see. But we battled up to the end! And on the second Eurasia have taken an honourable second place, so to say became silver prize-winners ))) to That remained are glad. Nevertheless we still young, not skilled... To Much have learnt also much have understood. Forward!


17th February 2009

Have gone on the mum's native earth to the city of Saratov! Have made friends with a kitten of Kuzej, have taken a walk in snow wood And still descended on the All-Russia exhibition where I have received W, BOB, , BIG III and still became Champion RF!

To look video from Best...

Have opened new 2009 season of exhibitions.
31th January 2009
Today, on n the Championship "Snow dachshund" we have received one more CW and CChC! Under examination of Zigrid Jarmer. Also remained in delight from refereeing of Ervin Dojcher!

To press a photo
Rabbits are not only valuable fur...
25th January 2009

Our dream At last has come true and we have reached a rabbit! A narrow hole. An animal approaching me and the most important thing: I really worked, with wild passion and eagerness! And then on such wave has fairly pulled about a raccoon on a surface, bit it and barked. It is a pity just to us have not allowed to remove, only after, without an animal. The photo can be seen here.

P.S. Now I am familiar with all animals for dachshunds!

On it epaulets gold and a bright award on a breast.
23th January 2009
Touching medals, we have decided to take out them from a box and to show to you... Have updated new Section, archive for 2008 and have laid out on a site of a photo of diplomas and descriptions of experts. And it will be useful for us to look once again and to look that has changed also that we have achieved...
15th January 2009
On a site there were new photos with openair from Laini. It is possible to look Here.
New game
8th January 2009
It is necessary to collect fourteen Bibi-puzzles. From simple to the most difficult. Who will collect all - to that a prize!.... Play all...!
The first news of 2009 year
7th January 2009

It is congratulated all on Christmas!!! Also we wish well also patience in your hearts! Happiness in each minute and love in each sight!

Also we pay your attention that all news for 2008 can be looked in ARCHIV.

We bring results
31th Desember 2008

Here and there has come last day this leap-year... What there was also that I have reached? I will try to recollect all...

The First - certainly I have grown, and have turned to an adult dog though mum speaks that to me still to grow and grow, and in general, early marries, now I try to eat more faster to grow. This year I have learnt that such "work dachshund" and all year went on stations where worked with a raccoon, a fox, a badger and a wild boar. Therefore I have 2 diplomas: III degrees on a fox and II on a bl/trace

And still I went in other cities, had a rest on Seliger, bathed in lakes, learnt to pose before photographers, have visited on the present races. Also has found many good friends!!!!

On October, 12th I have started to go on exhibitions and for these three months I became:
JChRus, ChRus, ChRKF, 3xChF, CChClub;
11xCW, 8xBOS, 7xBOB, 3xBIG, JCC, CC, CChC, BISP

I Hope, the next year will be same successful! And I will have a girlfriend. With coming, you, friends!! To in total you of the kindest!!! Happiness!

Archiv 2008 years...

our friends...

   ,     .

our friends...

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